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Английский язык практикум 30


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  1. We didn’t have to take a taxi because we had a lot of time before the plane took off.
  2. I don’t think we will be able to check the prices just after the meeting.
  3. Our president is to sign the contract with the British firm at 10 o’clock today.
  4. The president said during the talks that they were not able to reduce their prices for the goods.
  5. Do you have to get the materials ready right away?
  6. Mr. Camp couldn’t wait any longer as he was to go to the airport.
  7. Did you have to reserve a room in advance to get accommodation at the hotel last month?


    2. Задание


  8. I want to tell you something about the results of the tests as the engineer has not told us anything.
  9. Someone phoned you when you were out but I could not find you anywhere.
  10. I don’t know anything about the remaining goods, as the sellers have not sent us their answers yet.
  11. Has anyone made arrangements about our visit to the exhibition? I’m sorry, nobody has told me about it yet.
  12. We will go nowhere tonight as the weather is bad. I think everybody will be glad to stay at home and watch TV.





    3. Задание



  13. He told me to make an appointment with Mr. X!
  14. He asked me to reserve accommodation for Mr. Camp!
  15. He told me to clarify some matters with your people!
  16. He asked me to look through the price-lists!



    4. Задание


  17. If the technical conditions don’t suit me I will turn to a service center.
  18. If I don’t receive a cable of the readiness of the goods for shipment I won’t open a Letter of Credit.
  19. I will give the Buyers a discount of the price if they increase their order.
  20. I will give the Buyers discount of the price about 10% if they increase their order.
  21. Before I place an order with a foreign firm I’ll find out everything about it.
  22. After I receive the cable from the Sellers that goods are ready for shipment, I will deposit prepayment.
  23. When I return from the office I will draw up a contract.


    5.6. Задание


    He had never had an opportunity to fly before.


    У него никогда не было возможности летать до этого.

    I’ve never made an air trip and if you let me fly I’ll pay for it.

    Я никогда не путешествовал по воздуху и если вы позволите мне лететь, я заплачу за это.

    I won’t take any money, if you don’t say a word during the whole trip. But if you begin speaking, the price will increase.

    Я нисколько не возьму, если вы не скажете ни слова в течение всего путешествия. Но если вы начнёте разговаривать, цена возрастёт.

    You may take your wife if she wants to join you.

    When he came home his wife was cooking dinner.

    Когда он пришёл домой, его жена готовила обед.

    I have settled it with one of the flyers.

    Я договорился с одним из лётчиков

    While the plain was going up and down at a high speed the passengers didn’t say a word.

    В то время как самолет вздымался то вверх то вниз на большой скорости, пассажиры не произнесли ни слова.

    The flyer said to the farmer after they landed.

    Сказал лётчик фермеру, когда они приземлились.




    7.Господин Сомов: итак, господин Кэмп вчера мы обсудили цену наших турбин и объём вашего заказа. Каков ваш окончательный ответ?

    Господин Кэмп: Я связался со своими людьми, и мы решили увеличить заказ до 25 турбин.

    Господин Сомов: В таком случае мы можем сделать вам скидку 5% от стоимости.

    Господин Кэмп: отлично. Значит, мы решили вопрос стоимости. А каковы ваши условия оплаты?

    Господин Сомов: Наши покупатели обычно производят платежи в обмен на товаросопроводительные документы по аккредитиву.


    8. Задание


    1. Он часто говорил своим друзьям, что он может описать характер любого человека по его почерку.

    2. Она сказала, что хочет знать, что думает Бальзак о характере мальчика.

    3. Однако женщина сказала ему, что мальчик не её сын и что писатель может сказать ей правду.

    4. И он сказал, что мальчик плохой, ленивый человек.


    9. Задание

    The hotel clerk said that he was sorry, but their lifts didn’t work that night and they could make beds for him in the hall.

    One of the young men refused and said that they would go up to their room.

    Then he said to his friends that he would tell some jokes on their way to the room and Andy would sing some songs and Peter would tell them some sad stories. So the time would fly fast.

    One of them said that it was Peter’s turn to tell them a long sad story.

    Peter answered that he had a very sad story to tell him and he told them that they had left the key to their room in the hall.


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