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Английский язык практикум 48


092613 0003 1 Английский язык практикум 48 Dear Sirs


We have received your letter of March 3rd, in which you ask us change the terms of insurance of equipment, suggested by in the draft contact for the delivery of the equipment for the machine building plant. You suggest that contact should provide insurance of the equipment against all risks.

We draw your attention to the fact that Ingosstrakh does insure equipment delivered to Riyadh port against all risks. We know that insurance all risks can be done with the London Insurance Company.

Yours faithfully.

Уважаемые господа

Мы получили ваше письмо от 3-ьего марта, в котором Вы просите, чтобы мы изменили сроки страхования оборудования, которое предложено в проекте контракта поставки оборудования для машиностроительного завода . Вы предлагаете, чтобы контракт обеспечил страхование от оборудования от всех рисков.

Мы обращаем ваше внимание на тот факт, что Ингосстрах действительно страхует оборудование, поставленное порту Эр-Рияда от всех рисков. Мы знаем, что все страховые риски могут быть застрахованы Лондонской Страховой компанией.

Искренне ваш.











Мистеру М. Таннер

Универсал Эйруз

Палас Роуд

Лондон SW1

Уважаемый мистер Таннер

Мы бы хотели отправить 12 ящиков стеклопродукции в ассортименте из аэропорта Хитроу в Риад (Саудовская Аравия) с доставкой в течение ближайших двух недель. Вес каждого ящика – 40 кг, объем – 0,51 куб.м.

Просим сообщать стоимость доставки и страховки.


Искренне Ваш

Н. Джей



To Mr. M. Tanner

Universal Aruse

Oriental carpet Rode

London SW1


Dear Mr. Tanner

We would like to send 12 boxes glass of production in assortment from airport Hitrou in Riad (Saudi Arabia) with delivery within the nearest two weeks. Weight of each box — 40 kg, volume — 0,51 cubic м.

We ask to inform cost of delivery and the insurance.


Sincerely yours






092613 0003 2 Английский язык практикум 48













































Agents Wanted

International Fund Managers

Trading Futures and Derivatives

Require Agents Throughout World


Attractive Commission and Head Office Support


Разыскиваются агенты

Руководители международного фонда


Large industrial firm requires a filling clerk to help in a large office.

If you’re intelligent, qualifications are not important. Send details to: Daniel Milgrom, Box 2061


Required: radio programme presenter aged 20 – 30 for a new music programme for youth on local radio. Must have interests and knowledge of recent trends in the pop music field.



Position vacant

Can you use a computer?

Are you polite?

Have you got a good telephone manner?

A well-know firm of accountants needs an experienced secretary. Typing preferred. Good pay and good working conditions.



A nice housekeeper for a respectable man.



A Major Investment Bank seeks:

PA to Information Director

3 years of experience

Ability to work overtime, under pressure

Fluent English / Native Russian



A Major American Corporation seeks


Technical Translator

Fluent oral/written technical English

Degree in linguistics


International estate company

Is looking for a




Fluent English

Previous experience with a Western company






Chief Editor

For financial news agency

Relevant experience and fluency in written and spoken English /Russian.

Excellent salary, benefits for the right person


Highly qualified in computers and automation (Hardware and Software) engineer (34 yers old) having the great ‘technical and managing experience with different western companies in Russia and abroad is looking for an interesting job with the attractive salary in CIS countries and abroad. Fluent English and comprehension in Italian, German, French


A student (English. French, advertising theory) is looking for a temporary hourly-wage job as an instructor in advertising (strategies, media-planning, etc.)


A leaver of musical college, 3 years experience in teaching, is seeking an interesting job connected with music.


Archivist, Doctor of History, conducts genealogical researches in Russian Archives. English, German, Turkish languages.


Experienced English interpreter / translator (33, female) seeks part-time job.


English/Russian teacher, 26, male, good knowledge of German and French, PC user, driving license, is looking for a job abroad. Hard work and not my speciality are O.K


Young man is looking for an interesting Job. Russian, cultured, motivated, responsible, educated as Chemist (Politech. College). Experienced with PC


Babysitting and services. Foreign recommendation.














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