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He was given to understand to his wife that he was wrong



062615 1620 Hewasgivent1 He was given to understand to his wife that he was wrong

  1. He was given to understand to his wife that he was wrong.
  2. The parcel was given by the postman to the adressee at once.
  3. I have been promised a pony by my father.
  4. A tape recorder was promised to Alec by his mother.
  5. We have been told to stay where we are by the policeman.
  6. After all funny jokes and anecdotes had been told by Mike, people felt dull again.
  7. I shall be told everything by my parents when I am older.




  1. Он уехал в Москву.
  2. Новости будут очень интересные.
  3. Они говорили с ним.
  4. Она изучала многие предметы.
  5. О нем много что говорили.
  6. Новые дисциплины будут изучаться в следующем полугодие.
  7. Я сейчас работаю.
  8. Этот текст уже был написан ими.
  9. Он учится в нашей школе.
  10. Ты играешь в шахматы, не так ли?
  11. В данный момент текст переводят.
  12. Ты работаешь в этой лаборатории?
  13. Когда я увидел его, он шел домой.
  14. В три часа они сдадут экзамены.
  15. Это книга была написана нашем учителем.




Easter Island


  1. A
  2. D
  3. C
  4. D



Text 2



  1. B
  2. A
  3. C
  4. A
  5. B
  6. A



Text 3






a. The text does not give the answer to this question, though I know that the Vancouver Airport is situated in the United States of America.

b. That is because all sick people chosen poisoned salmon for dinner.

c. He said that he used to be a pilot of single – engine fighters during the wartime thirteen years ago and have not flown from that time. Also he asked to get someone on the radio to give him instructions about flying this four – engine airliner.

d. He used to pilot but a single – engine fighter during the war and have not flown for about thirteen years.

e. All they did is called the company’s chief pilot to the tower.

f. The stewardess Janet kept track of how high and how fast the plane was flying.

g. When the shrill warning rang out in the aircraft, Baird roared at the top of his voice «Everybody down. Hold as tight as you can». I think that this means that he was somehow in charge.

h. I think that this person meant that death was too close.

i. I think that it may be too many endings of this story.

j. Yes I did. Because the text is short and rather primitive.

k. No, I haven’t.

l. May be I read a couple but I don’t remember them.



1- g

2- b


4- a

5- с

6- h

7- f

8- d




Bacon and eggs


Fruit salad







Roasted meat



Fruit juice



Ceaser salad

Oxtail soup

Roast beef


Shepherd’s pie





Surely if I knew that I would have to wait for four hours I would take with me an interesting book, a magazine and a newspaper. I would spent the spare time reading them as I am really fond of reading.



If you want to get somewhere as quickly as possible the best way is to travel by air. The airline employees try to do everything for the passengers to have a comfortable and safe flight. It is better to book tickets in advance. The stewardess greet the passengers while they are entering the plane, after the passengers have taken their seats the stewardess show the passengers how to use the safety suits and show the passengers where the main and safety exits are located. Before take-off, the stewardess check if all the passengers have their belts on. Presently we take off and in a few minutes the voice informs us about the altitude we are flying. Sometimes it is possible to see the land. During the flight the stewardess are making sure that all the passengers are feeling well. If the flight is long the stewardess pass out the food and drinks.



And God has heard them. Suddenly the stewardess Janet pushed something and the airliner was getting upper and upper.

And when the plane almost crushed Spenser woke up in his bedroom – fortunately it was all a dream. Spenser smiled.



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