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Практикум английского языка 14


091513 1348 1 Практикум английского языка 14 Задание 1. Insert the gaps


1. What is number, please? – 34 – 042 – 72

2. I’m sorry, what was the number you wanted?

3. 34- 042-72

4. Hold the line, please, I’m putting you through.

5. Hello, are you still there?

6. Yes.

7. Thank you

8. Thank you


Задание 2. Write a letter, using these words and phrases


Dear Sirs

We shall receive for consignment stationery 20-th June.

It locks the cases to broke rough handling.

They are damaging sea water.

The agent is to continuing investigation.

We have let you know the results.

This is a c.i.f. shipment.

We oblige to take up matter insurers.

The Insurance Certificate number is MS 29271.

We enclose the report your agent the damage to notice 20 th June port of Savannah.

Yours faithfully.






Задание 3. Translate the letter into Russian


Dear Sirs


We have received your letter of March 3rd, in which you ask us change the terms of insurance of equipment, suggested by in the draft contact for the delivery of the equipment for the machine building plant. You suggest that contact should provide insurance of the equipment against all risks.

We draw your attention to the fact that Ingosstrakh does insure equipment delivered to Riyadh port against all risks. We know that insurance all risks can be done with the London Insurance Company.

Yours faithfully.

Уважаемые господа

Мы получили ваше письмо от 3-ьего марта, в котором Вы просите, чтобы мы изменили сроки страхования оборудования, которое предложено в проекте контракта поставки оборудования для машиностроительного завода . Вы предлагаете, чтобы контракт обеспечил страхование от оборудования от всех рисков.

Мы обращаем ваше внимание на тот факт, что Ингосстрах действительно страхует оборудование, поставленное порту Эр-Рияда от всех рисков. Мы знаем, что все страховые риски могут быть застрахованы Лондонской Страховой компанией.

Искренне ваш.









Задание 4. Translate the letter from Russian into English

Мистеру М. Таннер

Универсал Эйруз

Палас Роуд

Лондон SW1

Уважаемый мистер Таннер

Мы бы хотели отправить 12 ящиков стеклопродукции в ассортименте из аэропорта Хитроу в Риад (Саудовская Аравия) с доставкой в течение ближайших двух недель. Вес каждого ящика – 40 кг, объем – 0,51 куб.м.

Просим сообщать стоимость доставки и страховки.


Искренне Ваш

Н. Джей



To Mr. M. Tanner

Universal Aruse

Oriental carpet Rode

London SW1


Dear Mr. Tanner

We would like to send 12 boxes glass of production in assortment from airport Hitrou in Riad (Saudi Arabia) with delivery within the nearest two weeks. Weight of each box — 40 kg, volume — 0,51 cubic м.


We ask to inform cost of delivery and the insurance.


Sincerely yours




Задание 5. Note the phrases:


In accordance with – в соответствии

In favour of- Please open a Letter of Credit in favour of Whiteleaf Ltd (the Letter of Credit is for them)

On a regular basis — every month, every quarter, ere.

On behalf of- acting for somebody

On time — at the right time

Insert the correct phrases in the letter

Dear Sirs

We have issued a Letter of Credit through the General Commercial Bank in accordance with our agreement. The Letter of Credit is on A.D. Jones Ltd. and our bank will notify you of the credit before the end of the week, provided the airmail services leave and arrive on time.

The agent in London, The Merchant Bank, will confirm the credit on behalf of the General Commercial Bank. We can arrange payment by bank transfers or by open account in the future if we order and if you supply on a regular basis


Yours faithfully.


Задание 6. Translate the text into Russian


As well as being formal, negotiations are direct. German managers speak their mind. They place great weight on the clarity of the subject matter and get to the point quickly. Excessive enthusiasm or compliments are rare in German business. You should give a thorough and detailed presentation, with an emphasis on objective information, such as your company’s history, rather than on clever visuals or marketing tricks.

Prepare thoroughly before the negotiation and be sure to make your position clear during the opening stage of the talks, as well as during their exploratory phases. Avoid interrupting, unless you have an urgent question about the presentation.


Так как будучи формальным, переговоры являются прямыми. Немецкие менеджеры высказывают свое мнение. Они придают значительный вес в ясность предмета и добираются быстро к сути быстро. Чрезмерный энтузиазм или поздравления редки в немецком бизнесе. Вы должны дать полное и детальное представление, с акцентом на объективной информации, например, на истории вашей компании, а не на хитрых или продающих уловках.

Подготовитесь полностью перед переговорами и убедитесь, что ясно дали понять ваше положение в течение вводной части переговоров, так же как в течение их предварительных фраз. Избегайте прерывать речь, если Вы не нет срочного вопроса.



Задание 7. Read tin text. For each statement I to 8 below choose

a) true

b) false

c) doesn’t say

Juana Lopez has invented a numeric of things over the years, but. they were mostly relatives small improvements to existing products. Then one day she had an idea for a dishwashing machine that worked without using water. She went to see several dishwasher manufacturers about producing the machine, but none of them were interested. Juana found investors to back her idea and founded her own production company. She spent millions of euros on developing her dishwasher, and it was launched three years later. From the day of the launch, sales were very good better even than Juana had hoped But Global Domestic (GD), one of the companies that she had been to see, launched its own waterless dishwasher. Juana obtained one and found that it used a lot of the technical ideas that she had developed and patented: she had obtained legal protection for these ideas so that other companies could not use them. After a long legal process, GD was forced to stop making its competing dishwasher and to pay Juana several million euros.

  1. Now Juana’s waterless dishwasher has 40 percent of the worldwide dishwasher market and this is increasing every year. There is no other dishwasher Ike it. Word – of – mouth recommendation by satisfied users has made it a big success.

    1 . Juana Lopez is Spanish. doesn’t say

  2. Her dishwasher machine was her first invention. true
  3. She went to see several manufacturers about producing the dishwasher. true
  4. She founded her own production company, entirely with her own money. true
  5. GD produced a dishwasher that copied a lot of Juana» s ideas. true
  6. Juana’s case against GD was settled in a court in the United States. true
  7. GD was forced to pay Juana for copying her ideas without her permission. true
  8. Juana’s market share of the world dishwasher market was increasing, cut Getting smaller.

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