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092513 0327 Speech1 Speech Having studied the principles of citizenship of Russian Federation set forth above, the bases for acquisition, change or the citizenship termination, the bodies regulating the decision of questions concerning citizenship, we can draw a conclusion that the most important component of the institute making bases of a legal status of a person which are confirmed in the Constitution of Russian Federation currently in force, is a set of norms regulating citizenship.

The institute of constitution and rights of bases of the status of a person reflects the essential initial beginnings defining positions of the person in the society and the citizenship, the principles of their mutual relation. From here we also deduce citizenship as one of the elements of a legal status of an individual.


In our country, the questions of citizenship are more relevant. In the movement for sovereignty finding, during which one tries to reach it at any cost, first of all the rights and freedom of no native population living on territory of the former union republics are broken.

Thus, the state doesn’t have the right to admit the infringement fixed in the Constitution of Russian Federation of democratic principles, and in particular, concerning citizenship as it breaks the basis of democracy. In order to avoid it, the state should conduct the policy directed on maintenance not only all-democratic principles, but also the questions concerning citizenship, by creation of regulatory legal acts federal laws and the international contracts.


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