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Английский язык Практикум 37


092513 0350 1 Английский язык Практикум 37 I. Упражнения.

Времена английского глагола

Действительный и традательный залоги

1. Выберите соответствующее подлежащее.

  1. We/ My daughter always reads in the evening.
  2. You/ Hugh goes to bed late.
  3. My uncle/They
    likes horror films.

    2.Исправьте ошибку в каждом предложении.

  5. My children are playing football in the yard.    
  6. Both my sisters like parties.    
  7. Ann is wearing her new dress today.    
  8. The hotel was very noisy.    
  9. Every Saturday Mark visits his parents.    
  10. When I heard his voice I ran to him.             


    3. Выберите правильный вариант (Present Simple или Present Continuous (Progressive).

  11. Vegetarians are people who don’t eat meat.
  12. Look out! Who is coming?
  13. Some people think the sun goes round the earth.
  14. I play tennis every week.
  15. Who is sitting in my chair?

    6. What happens in tennis if you lose the ball?




    4. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в III форму(V3).

  16. We’ve found all the answers.    
  17. Have you washed the car?    
  18. You haven’t eaten very much.    
  19. They have broken a new clock.    


    5.Составьте предложения в Present Perfect.

    Пример : John leave ?-Has John left?

    1. Has Mary gone home?

    2. Where have you put the keys?    

    3. Have I ever read Shakespeare?    

    4. Have I broken my arm three times?    

    5. Have Pete paid for his lessons?


    6. Какой вариант правильный: A, В или оба?

    Yesterday I broke a cup. В. Yesterday I broken a cup.

    A. The teacher has already come. В. The teacher has just come.

    A. You haven’t drank your tea. В You haven’t drunk your tea.

    A. Have Laura and her son arrived. B. Has Laura and her son arrived.


    7.    Выберите правильное слово.

    1.    I’d like to borrow this book. Has Anna read it….?

    A) for; B)just: C) yet

    2.    Ben writes very quickly. He’s…. finished his essay.

    A) Already: B) for: C) yet

    3.    What a strange dog. I have …. seen such dogs before.

    A) Already: B) since; C) never

    4.    Oh! Somebody has …. knocked on the door.

    A) For; B) just: C) since

    8.    В некоторых предложениях есть лишнее слово. Вычеркните эти слова.

  20. Susan has lost her keys.
  21. Christopher has hurt his arm last week.
  22. It’s raining and I have left my umbrella at home.
  23. I know this program. I have watched it two weeks ago.
  24. They were enjoyed the holiday very much.


    9.    Выберите правильный вариант ответа.

    1.    This isn’t my first visit to London. I …. here before.

    A) am; В) I’ve been; C) I was

    2.    This is David Bromberg. I …. to you from Oxford.

    A) speak: B) spoke: C) am speaking

    3.    He is a man who … everything.

    A) knew: B) know; C) knows

    4.    How … on in your new job, Paul.

    A) are you getting; B) have you got; C) are you get

    5.    It isn’t raining now. It … at last.

    A) stopped: B) has stopped: C) had stopped


    10.    Вставьте в пропуски am, is, are и V3(III форму) глагола в скобках.

    Пример: English… in Australia (speak) • English Is spoken in Australia

    1. Much money is spent for food.        

    2. These books are written in English.

    3. I am taught many subjects at the university.


    11.    Выберите и подчеркните нужную форму (Active or Passive).

  25. Derek posted/was posted
    his letter to me today.
  26. They did a lot of work but didn’t pay/were not paid.
  27. The Army Museum closed/was closed last month.
  28. Don’t turns back but I think we are following/are being followed.


    12.    Исправьте ошибки в каждом предложении.

  29. This song was sung by Pavarotti.
  30. Tom’s passport was stolen.
  31. Angela’s letter has been received.
  32. New drugs are being tested


    II. Прочитайте тексты и выполните задания к ним.


  33. In 1605 the first Europeans came to Manhattan from Holland. Captain Henry Hudson, searching for the famous Northwest Passage, discovered the land and reached a river to which he gave his name.
  34. Later a Dutchman, Peter Minuit, bought Manhattan Island from the Indians for a barrel of rum and a few glass necklaces, worth about $26. The Americans say that this was the best business deal ever made in New York. In 1613 the Dutch founded a city there and gave it the name «New Amsterdam».
  35. After the English had taken over the city in 1626 it was renamed New York after the Duke of York who was the commander of the English army. During the War of Independence New York was an important political centre, and for five years from 1785 till 1790 the capital of the USA
  36. Since the end of the 19th century the city began to develop at breakneck speed. In 1888 the first skyscraper was put up. It had only 13 storeys, but the next had twenty-two, the Empire State building-102.
  37. New York is carefully planned. The city has been built rectangularly. All the streets, except Broadway, run either north and south, or east and west. Only Broadway runs diagonally across the city.
  38. The Americans have not given the New York streets names of their famous men, but have called them by ordinal numbers or letters of the alphabet, e.g. Second Street, First Avenue. Avenue A, Avenue B. etc.


    Подберите абзацы, содержащие ответы на следующие вопросы:

  39. What did Captain Hudson search for? He searched for the famous Northwest Passage.
  40. What was the best New York business deal? Peter Minuit bought Manhattan Island from the Indians for a barrel of rum and a few glass necklaces, worth about $26. The Americans say that this was the best business deal ever made in New York.
  41. Why was the city renamed and when was it the America’s capital? After the English had taken over the city in 1626 it was renamed New York after the Duke of York who was the commander of the English army. NY was the capital of the USA from 1785 till 1790.
  42. How many storeys do the first and the next skyscrapers have? 13 and 102 respectively.
  43. How is New York planned? The city has been built rectangularly.
  44. How are the New York streets called? They are called by ordinal numbers or letters of the alphabet, e.g. Second Street, First Avenue. Avenue A, Avenue B. etc.



    Baseball, basketball, American football, and ice hockey are the most popular spectator and participation sports, but Americans enjoy an enormous range of activities, including soccer, cycling, racket-ball (a hybrid of squash and handball), tennis, swimming, skin diving, golf, bowling, martial arts, walking, jogging, and aerobic exercise. Schools, cities, and other organizations sponsor team sports for the young, and professional sports are an important part of the culture.

    Sports and games in the United States take both forms: amateur and professional. Professional sport is big business. The players and athletes are paid much money, and they are bought and sold between clubs,

    BASEBALL is the most popular summer sport in the United States. It is played by schools, colleges and professional teams. Baseball is a game between two teams and is played on a field with a bat and a small white ball. Each team consists of nine players. The first American baseball match was in 1839 in New York, but some people think that baseball comes from a much older game called «rounders», played in Europe for many years.

    BASKETBALL is played on a court with a large orange ball. There are only five players on each team. The players try to shoot the ball into the basket, or hoop. As a rule, the players are very tall.

    FOOTBALL is a field game between two teams of eleven players each. But American football rules differ from those of the ordinary football. The field looks different and Americans play with an oval-shaped ball. The players can run with the ball, touch and push each other. So the players are often hurt in American football. The teams wear special clothes and helmets as in hockey because the game can be dangerous.

    SOCCER is the American name for the ordinary European football. It is one of the most popular international sports in the United States as well as tennis, wrestling, boxing, horse-racing and others.

    In general, most Americans spend a large amount of their leisure time socializing or watching television. Other leisure activities include going to the cinema or concerts, picnicking, and travelling. Many Americans enjoy volunteering for a wide range of causes: from raising funds to help those who are less fortunate to tutoring, students, or leading Scout troops or youth sports. Even city dwellers enjoy spending time in the «great outdoors», camping, hiking or hunting.

    Отметьте данные ниже предложения как соответствующие (Т) или несоответствующие (F) информации текста.

  45. There are spectator and participation sports. T
  46. Different organizations sponsor team sport for disabled. F
  47. There are only professional sport and games in the US. F
  48. Baseball is the most popular sport through the year. F
  49. Baseball comes from an old European game. T
  50. Basketball players are not very tall. F
  51. American football does not differ from soccer. F
  52. American football is as dangerous as hockey. T

    9. Tennis, boxing and wrestling are as popular international sports in the USA as soccer. T

    10. Americans do not like to watch TV. F

    11. Americans enjoy helping less fortunate people. T

    12. Camping. hiking and hunting are not for city dwellers. F


    III. Письменно переведите текст 3.


    Соединенное Королевство — конституционная монархия. Это означает, что у неё есть монарх (король или королева) в качестве его Главы государства. Монарх правит при поддержке Парламента. Полномочия монарха точно не определены. Сегодня все делается во имя Королевы. Это — ее правительство, ее вооруженные силы, ее правосудие и так далее. Она назначает всех Министров, включая Главного Министра. Все сделано однако при совете избранного Правительства, и монарх не принимает участия в процессе принятия решений.

    Раньше Британская империя включала в себя большое количество стран, которыми во всем мире управляла Великобритания. Процесс деколонизации начался в 1947 с незавимимости Индии, Пакистана и Острова Цейлон. Сейчас, кроме Гонконга и нескольких маленьких островов, империи не существует. Но британские правящие классы попытались не потерять влияние на прежние колонии Британской империи. В 1949 была основана ассоциация бывших членов Британской империи и Великобритании. Оно называется Содружеством и включает много стран, таких как Ирландия, Бирма, Судан, Канада, Австралия, Новая Зеландия и другие. Королева Великобритании – также является Главой Содружества, и таким образом Королевой Канады, Австралии, Новой Зеландии.

    Королева очень богата, как и другие члены королевской семьи. Кроме того, правительство платит за ее расходы в качестве главы государства, на королевскую яхту, поезда и самолеты, а так же содержание нескольких дворцов. Изображение Королевы появляется на печатях, банкнотах и монетах.


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